A photo of a dead child washed up on shore. Crowds of refugees walking towards safety in Europe. Overcrowded boats filled with frightened families.

It is expected that these needs will continue for some time.

These are some of the images that have filled our TV screens, newspapers and other media over the past few months.

Many of these refugees are from Syria. As that conflict continues into its fifth year, the suffering is continuing.

Through its members, Canadian Foodgrains Bank is responding.

We are providing assistance to some of the estimated four million people who have fled to safety in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as for people in Syria itself.

In Lebanon, one project provides food vouchers for 6,750 refugees who have depleted most of their savings.

In Syria, another project provides food to 30,000 people, while a second helps 3,200 displaced families.

In Jordan, a project provides food for 1,400 families each month.

Altogether, through its members, is implementing eight projects in the three countries.

Funds for such projects are being matched on a 4:1 basis through the Foodgrains Bank’s agreement with the Government of Canada.

In addition, each donation will be matched by the Canadian government on a 1:1 basis through their Syria matching fund. The funds collected by this match will be pooled together by the government, and will be dispersed to organizations responding to the Syria crisis upon request. The Foodgrains Bank will be able to apply for this funding.

Over $30 million in assistance has been programmed since 2012 for Syrians living in Lebanon and Jordan, and in Syria itself.

More help is needed.

It is expected that these needs will continue for some time. The Foodgrains Bank is planning additional responses through its members to widen its response to help more people affected by the Syrian conflict.

It costs about $13.50 to provide supplementary food assistance for one person for a month, or $80 for a family of six.

The assistance helps people who are able to work, but who can’t earn enough income to pay all their expenses, including for food. Support from the Foodgrains Bank helps them to stretch their budgets in order to have enough to eat.

You can help! Please consider joining us by making a donation, and also by praying for those affected by the crisis.

Donations for people affected by the Syrian crisis will also be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Canadian government through its new Syria Emergency Relief Fund until February 29, 2016. Organizations like the Foodgrains Bank will be able to apply for money from the fund for its work with Syrian refugees.

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