Fundraising Opportunities

Some of the ladies of the Village Flower self-help group

Every year people, churches and community groups across Canada find creative ways to support our work of ending global hunger.

We invite you to join us in your own creative ways! Below find some suggestions to help you get started.

Ration Meal: Recipes for making simple meals of flatbread or rice and beans, similar to what someone in the developing world caught in an emergency might receive from the Foodgrains Bank, are available. Families, churches or other groups can make the recipes, then make a donation to the Foodgrains Bank. Prayers, stories and other resources are available to assist with the event.

Christmas: At Christmas, you can make a donation in the name of someone on your gift list; downloadable cards are available to give in lieu of a gift. We also offer tree decorations churches can use for a special Christmas offering—the decorations can be hung on a tree or placed on the wall.

Families: Mealtime is a great time for parents to talk to children about hunger in the world. We offer table graces, stories and activities about hunger and gratefulness; families can make a donation together to help those who, unlike us, don’t have enough to eat.

Special Occasions: A gift to the Foodgrains Bank on the occasion of an anniversary, birthday, wedding, death or other special occasion is a great way to honour or remember people, and help those who don’t have enough to eat. We will send acknowledgement cards to people who are being honoured; we also can provide wedding favours for couples who ask for donations to the Foodgrains Bank instead of gifts.

Virtual Farming: People and churches in cities can become “virtual” farmers by pledging acres to the Foodgrains Bank. A typical acre produces about $300 in proceeds. If a church wanted to “farm” 10 acres, it could raise $3,000 and send the donation to the Foodgrains Bank. Some of the fundraising ideas listed on this sheet could be used to raise those funds. Churches that sign up to be virtual farmers will be included in the total number of acres farmed by rural community growing projects, and can use resources from the Foodgrains Bank to help them learn more about hunger around the world.

Concerts: A concert is a great way to raise funds! Choirs, groups or instrumentalists can perform, with either admission or donation raising funds for the Foodgrains Bank. We can provide stories, photos and other information to help people learn more about hunger around the world.

Other: There are many other ways people can help raise funds—walk-a-thons or other a-thons, skipping meals and donating the cost of the food, stop drinking coffee for a week, tournaments of various kinds—the sky is the limit!

For more information and help with fundraising ideas, email Tami Duff or call 1-800-665-0377.