Learning Tours

Nicaragua 2013International Learning Tours are an opportunity for Canadians to deepen their understanding of the issues of hunger and food production.

As a participant in a learning tour, you will meet and be hosted by local people who are working tirelessly to end hunger in their communities. You’ll spend time in their homes, on their farms, at their places of work and in their churches. You’ll learn about how Foodgrains Bank members are partnering with these amazing people in a collective effort to end hunger.

We invite you to consider going on one of these tours. Apply early as space is limited.

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Interested in learning about how we work to end hunger through engaging with the Canadian government? Check out our Hunger on the Hill learning event.

About Learning Tours

Learning tours are not holidays or mission trips. Considerable pre-tour background reading is required, and accommodations are basic. Food Study Tours are limited to a maximum of 8-10 participants.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank  also requires participants to share their experiences and insights by speaking to local church and community groups upon their return.

In particular, the Foodgrains Bank hopes participants use what they have learned to help others better understand the complexities of poverty, hunger and food production in the developing world.

Three Main Goals of the Learning Tour Program

  1. To build awareness of and appreciation for member programming by introducing participants to Foodgrains Bank members’ and partners’ programming.
  2. To facilitate learning about hunger and food-related issues by giving participants first-hand experience.
  3. To cultivate relationships between Canadians and people around the world,and build solidarity by providing opportunities for tour participants, staff, and their hosts to connect in a meaningful way.

Some of the Activities Aimed at Achieving These Goals

  • Required pre-trip reading materials for participants on various topics including region specific information and root causes of hunger and poverty,
  • In country visits to Foodgrains Bank and Member supported and/or affiliated projects
  • Where possible and appropriate, tours include several nights stay with local hosts’ where meaningful relationship building can take place.
  • Participants are required to  speak and/or write publicly about their experiences upon their return to Canada.

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